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CrossFit: Level 2 Certification & Mobility Certification | USAW Sports Performance Certification | Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 2 | Neurokinetic Therapist | Stick Mobility Certification |


Dey Kim

CrossFit Radiance CEO and Head Coach



-CrossFit Level 2 Certification
-Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 2
-Neurokinetic Therapist
-Stick Mobility Certification
-CrossFit Mobility
-USAW Sports Performance
-Alexander Method Level 1, Level 2, and Master Trainer Certification.

Dey has been the Head Coach and Owner of CrossFit Radiance in Torrance, CA since early 2014.  Young in the world of CrossFit, he is no rookie when it comes to athletics.  Coach Dey has a long history of athletic activities like;   Wrestling (on the High School team, and with his bully of an older brother), Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Live Music Performance on Stage (Hey!  Guitars can get pretty heavy!), Aikido, Basketball, Football (High School team), Drumming, Skimboarding, Weightlifting, Dance, Yoga, Running, Gymnastics and on, and on, and on…

The first time you meet Dey you will most likely be zapped by his uber-positive, happy-go-lucky personality and approach to life.  He believes everyone should have a “Radiant” life, and it has become his passion… no, his obsession.  But he knows that doesn’t come without hard work and commitment.

What makes coach Dey’s methods so unique is his impeccable ability to asses where you’re “at” mentally and physically, and offer you no-nonsense guidance to reach your goals.

All while keeping you effortlessly motivated to get through challenging workouts that you and he custom create together.  Dey might as well be a life coach, because once he zeroes in on you as a member of his squad (whether you join him for private or group classes), you will leave absolutely and positively enhanced in every area of your life.

Dey knows that to achieve his goal of helping everyone who walks into his gym lead a truly radiant life, they must master self-confidence, commitment, perseverance, courage, communication, and active involvement in creating their best self.


Many CrossFit gyms have a strong focus on competition and personal records, and Dey can help you with that, if that’s what you seek.  But what you really ought to seek Dey out for is his ability to take you to the next level from an angle that you’ve probably never experienced before.  A holistic, fully integrated, life and fitness improvement program.


If you’re on a path to self-mastery, whether you’re a beginner or advanced--Dey probably wants to work with you.  If this is you, give him a call day or night---and don’t worry about waking him up because he’s usually up late fighting crime and keeping our streets safe.


Dey Kim 


CrossFit: Level 1 Certification & Mobility Certification | USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Certification


P.S.  On a more personal note, a glimmer of hope for those suffering from moderate to severe sports/work-related injuries.


In 2003, Dey injured his lower back and pelvis in a snowboarding accident. Compounded with several previous injuries, the accident left him confined to bed with limited function in his legs for the next six months, and limited function in his arms a year later.  Although doctors were convinced that surgery was the only option available, Dey began to research alternatives by meeting with the best chiropractors, rehab specialists, and acupuncturists.


He’s channeled his energy for the past decade into rebuilding the mobility and strength back in his legs and arms, while taking detailed notes of his recovery throughout the experience.  Dey has now regained full function, has become a proficient CrossFit coach and athlete, and has hit personal records he would have never thought were possible (click here to see Dey’s P.R.’s.  Even though that’s not his main focus).


Dey can truly say he has walked the walk when it comes to regaining strength and mobility, persevering through very trying times, and coming out the other side to living a truly Radiant life!


If you’ve been struggling with regaining full strength, balance, and flexibility in your body… come see coach Dey!  (Or give him a call if you have any questions310-404-3745)

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